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“Smrati Mahavidyalaya” established on October 2008 has the honour of being “First Agriculture College of the District and region”. It is a Agriculture College providing education, research and extension activities in integrated manner. The College reflects a global outlook and is envisioned to set a revolutionary pace for creating professional achievers in the field of Agriculture, Bio-Technology and other related Technologies/ Sciences. The College offers undergraduate programmes matching international standards in Agricultural and Technology education and also provide research opportunities with modern equipped laboratories and agriculture research centres. The courses and research projects have been carefully designed to offer a wide variety of high-tech disciplines that are flexible and suit the dynamic requirement of the students, research scholars and assure the prosperity of farmers and rural communities. India is a Country of villages. Therefore, without an all – round development of villages, development is not possible. To improve the villager's quality of life, agriculture must be modernized. The college has linked its Education, Research and Extension with rural development. I am confident that college shall create world class professionals, scientists and technocrats capable of improving the quality of life of our people.

Satyendra Prakash Sharma

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